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Installing Weka: preview

In the following video Ian downloads and installs the Weka system – and encourages you to do the same.

(Note: Depending on your computer and system version, you may need admin access to install Weka.)

  • Go to http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/ml/weka

  • Click the Download and install button

  • Choose which one to download:

    • the “stable” version (not the “developer” version)

    • the appropriate version for your computer; Windows, Mac OS, or Linux

Once it’s downloaded, Ian opens it to get a standard setup “wizard”.

  • Just keep clicking “Next”! Install it in the default place – and remember the name of that place!

  • After installation, Ian unchecks the box that says “Start Weka” and clicks “Finish”.

  • Then he goes to where Weka was installed and

    • creates a shortcut and puts it on the desktop for future use. This should be to the Weka program, but he mistakenly creates a shortcut to the Weka folder instead which he later corrects

    • makes a copy of the data folder (within the Weka folder) and puts it in a convenient place for future use

    • renames it “Weka datasets”

Having installed Weka, Ian notes the different interfaces in Weka: Explorer, which is what we’ll be using; the Experimenter; the KnowledgeFlow interface; and the command-line interface.

In the Explorer there are several panels: Preprocess; Classify; Clustering; Association rules; Attribute selection; and Visualization.

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