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Extract from the minute book of Dumfries (NRS, CH2/537/1/1)

Summary of week 1

You have covered a lot of ground in your first week of the course.

Now is the time to reflect on what you have learned:

  • You have been introduced to early modern Scottish history.
  • You have looked at religion and the Church of Scotland.
  • You have explored the kirk session.
  • You have surveyed the wealth of historical material relating to the Scottish past.

You have also taken your first steps towards learning how to read early modern documents:

  • You have been introduced to different styles of handwriting in the early modern period.
  • You have considered early modern approaches to punctuation.
  • You have engaged with the range of ways in which words were abbreviated and contracted by early modern writers.

You have made a terrific start. Well done!

Next week we will turn your attention towards numerals, letter shapes and the parish records of the Church of Scotland.

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Early Modern Scottish Palaeography: Reading Scotland's Records

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