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Choosing the correct definition: your turn

Now we’ve looked at how you can use a dictionary and choose the correct definition, you have the opportunity to practise doing this for yourself.

Think back to the video you watched at the beginning of this week and consider the context. You may wish to watch the video again.

Your task

Use the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary Online to find the correct definition for one of the words in bold below.

Think about the context of the video and choose the correct definition of the word from the options in the dictionary.

  1. A successful Coventry University student is confident, resilient, understands their subject in detail, knows where they have gaps in their knowledge;
  2. A successful student is somebody who’s curious, is not afraid to ask questions and challenges their peers and tutors to find answers;
  3. I think we look for our students to engage in the learning process, to become part of a learning community;
  4. In terms of the way we teach, we teach in interactive, engaged ways; or
  5. Group work can be really difficult if you’re not familiar with it ... because you’re dependent upon other people and how you motivate other people to deliver their best.

Add your choice of definition to the comments. Try to say why you think your definitions are correct.

See if the other learners on the course agree with you. If you think somebody else has chosen the wrong definition, reply to them and try to explain why you think their choice is incorrect.

We will pin a comment explaining the answers at the end of the week.

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