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Wrap up: Organizational theories and entrepreneurship

In this week, you gained insights into what social entrepreneurship is all about and got to know Professor Georg von Schnurbein. Let’s recall this first week.

This week you have been introduced into the field of entrepreneurship in nonprofits. You have learned about important organizational theories, eg path dependency. This theory was explained in step 1.4 using the practical example of the qwerty or qwertz system for keyboards. Remember that path dependency is about systems, once chosen, that stay in practice, although the primary reason for its application became obsolete.

Later in the week, you became acquainted with institutional isomorphism, self-regulation and rating, as well as the resource dependency theory. Finally, you could listen to Professor Michael Meyer from Vienna University of Economics and Business. He talked about today’s major discourses in the field of organizational theories and which theories he considers to be promising and why he judges them to be essential.

So how did you experience this week? What were your eye-openers? Share them in the comment-section below. Be proud of your achievements! There are certainly more to come.

We, in any case, enjoyed your participation during the first week. We hope that you continue to enjoy the course and we look forward to reading your future comments.

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