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Time to get real and consider the ethics of your own research idea.

Portfolio Activity

Let’s put theory into practice and complete a piece for your portfolio.

To apply a framework of ethical rigour to your project, think about your answers to each of the following questions.

  1. How will your proposed research benefit society?

  2. Can you succinctly describe the nature of your research and provide an overview of the participant experience?

  3. What are the regulations or guidelines surrounding the nature of your research in your geographical location?

  4. How will participants be selected for the research?

  5. What are the risks and potential benefits associated with participation?

  6. Are there vulnerable populations included in your study who will need special consideration? If so, provide details.

  7. Are animals being used as part of your proposed research? If so, justify their inclusion and provide specific details.

  8. What informed consent processes will be implemented?

  9. What is the relationship of the researcher to the participants?

  10. Are there financial interests or other competing priorities that may represent a conflict of interest or be perceived as being so? If so, disclose the details of these.

  11. How do you plan to protect and dispose of the data collected?

Your task

Complete detailed written responses for each of these questions and retain them for future reference. Then, join the discussion in the comments section below and post any thoughts or questions you have in relation to meeting ethical requirements in your research project.

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