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As we come to a close of our final week, do you have any questions on what is happening in the world of chemistry, including in the area of sports - you may have seen some science news in the media whilst the course has been ‘running’, and this is our chance to make sure we can all stay abreast of what’s topical and how it might affect us all going forward.

For example, did you see the recent research on runner’s compression tights, which are made of stretchy fabrics like spandex?

Or did you hear about Nike’s controversial Zoom Vaporfly Elite shoes? According to Nike, it boosts running economy by 4% compared with their next best marathon shoe. The soles of the trainers have a special curved plate that allows runners to “roll through” instead of bending toes and losing energy. Some believe this should be illegal, as it gives athletes too much of an advantage.

Please pose any questions you have in the Comments below or using our hashtag #FLChemistry by noon of Thursday this week. We will then post our short video, which brings together some of the most interesting topics, on the following day (on Friday this week).

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