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Summary of Week 1

We have just scratched the surface of what is a complex and compelling subject. This week we have given a broad introduction to exercise prescription and you have:

  • Studied the definitions of physical activity, exercise, and sedentary behaviour, and explored the METS values for different physical activities.
  • Examined how the body responds to acute and chronic physical exercise.
  • Explored the evidence behind exercise prescription, and watched how a clinical exercise program can have an impact on patient rehabilitation.
  • Reflected on physical activity guidelines and your perceptions behind exercise prescription.

Thinking about these elements:

  • How will you apply what you have learned this week with your own patients, or in your own daily life?

Update: 15:44 22/04/2016 Cuisle Forde

We would like to thank all the learners for their comments this week. It has been great to see such interest in exercise prescription. We have really enjoyed following the comments on various steps. In particular, the discussions around your experiences of exercise prescription, measuring physical activity, and Mr Kenna’s video have been insightful. We have been actively commenting on your queries and comments this week; to follow our comments click onto our profiles here (Cuisle Forde and Aine Kelly). We look forward to next week where we will be looking at exercise prescription for various pathologies.

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