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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds Alright, so we are going to read a story about these three people. What kind of information do you think will be in the story?

Skip to 0 minutes and 25 seconds Okay, can you just quickly, again with your partner discuss what kind of information will be in the story? So, I would like you to check if you were correct. If this text has this, this, this information and also how does Jennifer feel? There will be some words in here which you don’t understand. Don’t worry, okay? Just get the general idea You have about two minutes for this.

What’s happening in this lesson?

Well, that’s it for Week 2. Next week we’re going to talk about how teachers help learners develop communication skills. What are communication skills? Watch the next part of Amal’s lesson for some clues.

  • What’s Amal doing?
  • What does Amal want the learners to do?
  • Why does Amal ask learners to talk about the text first, rather than asking them to read it straight away?
  • Post your ideas and read what other people think. We’ll talk about this lesson when we see you next week.

    Don’t forget to check that you’ve marked all the steps you’ve finished as complete.

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