I've never thought of teaching in ...

You should already have a flavour of just how global the ELT profession is.

Where are you thinking of working? You might be thinking of working in your own country or you might want to go to another country.

You’ve heard from teachers about the different places they’ve worked. Did any of them sound interesting to you? Did you like the idea of teaching in Germany, or Spain, or Hong Kong? What jobs are there in different countries?


Let’s see if you can find a job in a place you’ve never thought of teaching.

Below in the ‘See also’ section are links to websites that show some locations for teaching around the world. Explore the websites and identify a country you would never have thought about teaching in.

Once you’ve chosen somewhere, complete the following sentence and post it as a comment:

I’ve never thought of teaching in ______ before, but I think it could be enjoyable because ______ .

Add it to the comments, and read other people’s comments. See if you can find someone who’d like to teach in your country and tell them one reason why it’s a good idea.

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