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What do teachers need to know about grammar? Parts of speech

Grammar is about how we construct words and use words together to make phrases and sentences which allow us to convey what we mean and communicate with other people. So, the first thing teachers need to know about grammar is the different types of words we use to construct sentences.

The different types of words are called ‘parts of speech’ or ‘word classes’. You’ll know some of these parts of speech, but do you know them all? Can you think of examples?

  • noun
  • pronoun
  • verb
  • adverb
  • adjective
  • preposition
  • conjunction
  • determiner
  • interjection
  • Task

    Go to Quizlet to see how many of them you can match. Or, if you can’t access Quizlet, check your answers in the pdf linked below.

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