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Skip to 0 minutes and 15 seconds Mai he-jie is the first friend of Wu hong-yu after encountering at the airport for the first time. After leaving the airport, both exchanged Line ID and had good impression on each other. Today, he wants to know more about her, however… Why didn’t you answer my phone? Well, I have a new number. What’s your phone number? My number is 0922-403-476 OK, thank you. Do you have Facebook? Yes, my account is Wǔ hóng yù. I send the request, and wait for the reply. OK. Well, are you free tomorrow afternoon? Wait a moment. (This girl is inviting me first time.) (I should reject her,) (then she will love me…) Sorry, I would love to but I’m busy. Well, forget it.

Skip to 1 minute and 16 seconds (But maybe she won’t talk with me anymore if I reject her now.) Wait a minute, I’m … uh … available on Saturday afternoon. But why? Would you like to go to a movie? Great. Which do you want to see? Frozen? Well, we meet at movie theater on Saturday afternoon? At movie theater? Oh, I will pick you up. Oh, I will pick you up. OK.

Episode 3 - Would you like go to a movie with me?

Because Wu Hong-yu did not pick up the phone, Mai He-jie was very frustrated. Today he is going to ask her for other contact methods such as chat apps. Will it be a smart move?

Attached is the lines of this episode.

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