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Scene of children filming in the park with a tablet

Camera movement

When working with your students to create a multi-shot film, they will begin to use different shot types, camera angles and movements.

You learned all about camera shots in Step 1.13, and in this and the following steps we’ll take a look at camera movement and positioning in preparation for creating different types of multi-shot films.

Camera movement is one of the most useful tools in a filmmaker’s armoury. It can be used to reveal information to the audience, or move closer to the subject, providing clearer visual information.

There are a variety of ways of moving the camera:


Handheld Camera Image


Tracking Camera Image


Panning Camera Image


Tilt Camera Image


Steady Camera Image


Crane Camera Image

Please download the Camera Movements worksheet to help you with your work.

In the next step, we will look at camera angles and then we’ll test your knowledge by seeing how many shots, movements and angles you can recognise in the clip in Step 2.13.

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