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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second That’s nearly it for this week. We tackled some big subjects– got you swapping positions to think about how an employer might assess a candidate for a role. You did a really hard exercise evaluating yourself. No one finds that process easy to start with, but it does get easier in time. The skills matrix is just one way of assessing yourself. You should understand that this skills matrix isn’t something your future employers will necessarily use, because they all have different ways of working. However, it should be a useful tool to help you focus on areas you may wish to expand or improve.

Skip to 0 minutes and 38 seconds We learned that employers aren’t looking for the perfect candidate, but they are looking for your potential to learn new skills, both technical and professional. Also, everyone I know that works in games has been exactly where you are right now. We’ve heard our developers saying exactly the same thing. In week three, we’re going to look at the applications process for games jobs, help you articulate your skills in your CV, apply them to applications, and discuss ways to approach an action plan. And our developers are going to share what they wish they had known before they applied for roles they went on to win. See you then.

Week 2 wrap

As we wrap up Week 2, it’s natural to experience a little dip at this point. You’ve looked at exhaustive lists of development skills, evaluated yourself and possibly found that you don’t cover all the bases. But remember - no-one does!

Next week, you’ll see how our developers handled that challenge and hear how recruiters don’t expect anyone to hit every requirement.

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