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Photograph of the sculpture, 'Beyond and Within' by Joanna Mowbray
Beyond and Within by Joanna Mowbray

What sculptures are in your area?

Let’s get to know each other with an introductory activity!

We’d like you to introduce yourself by sharing a photograph of a sculpture in your area on our interactive Padlet page. You can also post a picture of a sculpture that you’ve seen recently on a holiday, in a museum or gallery. If you’ve seen a sculpture that you’d like to share, but don’t have a photo of it, try searching for an image online.

Your sculpture can be from any period or place so please tell us a bit about it in the comment section. Follow the link to Padlet to put up your image. To upload your image, click the pink circle in the bottom right corner and upload an image file. We’ve put up some examples to get you started!

We’re located at the University of York, but we hope to attract learners from all across the globe. Therefore, we hope that this introduction activity will give us an international perspective on sculpture around the world!

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