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Korean traditional  greeting
Traditional greeting(절, 세배)

How is other country and Korean greeting motions or gestures different?

In modern life, Koreans slightly bow their head and say “안녕하세요” when they are greeting one another.

However, when there are traditional national holidays or other events like traditional weddings, they bow with formality.

In the past, it was common for people to wear traditional Korean clothing 한복(hanbok) but in modern times this is not required.

There is a gender difference in the way men and women bow at a traditional wedding. For men, they would kneel on the ground and bow while their hands are put together in front of their body. On the other hand, women would put their hands together and lift them above their eyebrows as they sit and bow.

The following video will teach you how to bow:

The proper way to bow on New Year’s.

Watch the video and learn by practicing. Then, share how the experience was.

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