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Week 2 Exercises

  1. Learn to play “Moanin’” unaccompanied by heart, both the tune, the voiced chords for improvising and the tune again with an ending, where in the improvising
    (i) use the F Dorian scale throughout
    (ii) use the American blues scale for the A sections and the appropriate scales for the B section making particular use of the third of the chord

  2. Use a playalong to improvise over a C minor blues sequence using upper and lower voicings
    (i) playing over the standard sequence (with G7 in the 9th bar)
    (ii) playing over the sequence (with G7 in the 10th bar)
    (iii) playing over the ‘Trane sequence

  3. Prepare to play “Equinox” with a playalong
    (i) playing a “two-fisted” Tyner vamp
    (ii) playing the tune using double octaves

  4. Attempt playing “Equinox” with a playalong
    (i) playing the tune in the right hand with a McCoy Tyner vamp in the left hand
    (ii) improvising with a McCoy Tyner vamp in the left hand

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