Skip to 0 minutes and 8 secondsLet’s try using our McCoy Tyner vamping with our C minor blues playalong. So in the C section we’ll be playing roots and fifths and then the fourth voicings.

Skip to 0 minutes and 22 secondsIn the F minor section: roots and fifths … of course our chords have to stay on the appropriate scale, the F minor 7 scale. When we get to the A flat section we’ll only have time to do one vamp so to speak. Do open fifths again. Or you can do … and then back at the end. And, of course, in the right hand you need to match with the appropriate scale, appropriate modes in the case of the minor sevenths. I’ll try and keep the left hand regular so that it is easy for you to copy. Whether I can manage that or not - I'm not sure.

Using McCoy Tyner vamping with a Cm Blues playalong

We discuss and illustrate using McCoy Tyner vamping with a Cm Blues playalong.

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