Task: how would you advise this student?

Scenario: while having coffee one morning, a classmate complained to her friend:

“I can’t concentrate during lectures - they’re boring for me - so I just go on social media and chat to my friends instead of listening … sometimes I don’t even go to them.”

“I also feel left on my own to study and don’t know how to get useful help for my assignments without hassling my tutors all the time” she continued.

“I never seem to be able to find good sources of information either, my tutors always complain that my sources are unreliable, or old, or that I have misunderstood them….” she added.

“I’m really struggling….Help!”


Keeping in mind all you have learnt on this course, what general advice and practical steps would you suggest to this student to help her become a more effective university learner?

Post your thoughts in the comments (maximum 1200 characters of text). If you would prefer to create a visual image or video which summarises your advice, please link to it with a short description.

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