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Weekly workplace activity

This activity will need to be started in your workplace or care setting and your findings outlined in the discussion in the next step.

Task 1 - covert administration

  1. What does the medicines administration policy state about covert administration of medicines to residents?

  2. Identify residents in your setting who require covert administration of their medicines. Describe why this is necessary for them.

Task 2 - medicines in the care setting

  1. Identify any medicines which should not be crushed which are prescribed to residents in your care setting

  2. Identify and list examples of medicines that are administered by the injection, rectal or vaginal route in your care setting.

  3. Who in your care team is qualified to administer medicines via this route and what qualifications do they have in order to be able to do this?

Please note - This training course does not give you the knowledge and skills to administer medicines by injection or by the rectal and vaginal routes.

You can find a printable version of this activity using the link below.

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