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How do I get from A to B on campus?

Whether you’re from a big city or a small village in the country, university life is bound to feel quite different from anything you’ve known before. Hopefully, it will feel new, inviting and exciting but it is completely understandable if you also feel a little bit apprehensive about finding your way around.

One of the best ways to start getting used to your new surroundings is to get out and explore! Grab a few of your new course friends or housemates and go on a tour of your new home from home. If you are not living on campus this is still just as important and there will be plenty of other students in the same boat as you whether they are local, commuting or simply living in the accommodation elsewhere.

Finding those key locations

Each University will have its own unique sights and hidden gems for you to seek out (check out York’s campus wildlife), but there are certain key places and buildings you should locate when you first arrive at your university:

  • The Library. You’re likely to spend many hours here studying, reading and undertaking group work so it’s worth finding a great study spot for the future!

  • Your lecture and seminar locations

  • The main location of your Department

  • Your college support team and/or Student Support Services

  • Your IT Services department (to help with any pesky computer problems that may crop up)

Getting to your classes

It’s also a really good idea to time roughly how long it takes to get to and from each of your classes, particularly from your accommodation. It’s worth developing good habits and leaving yourself plenty of time before the start of a class, particularly for any 9am starts!

The University of York has a really helpful online campus map which can help direct students to any campus landmark or teaching room.

Other essential locations

If you are staying on or near campus it’s also worth making an effort to seek out the following:

  • Where to socialise, eat and drink

  • The local shops, vital for when you’re down to that last drop of milk or need chocolate to get you through your next assignment

  • The nearest cash machine

  • Your accommodation reception/security – very important if you have a habit of forgetting your room key and getting locked out!

  • Your local doctor’s surgery - it’s important to know that you can easily access any medical advice and wellbeing support that you might need when you start university but you must register in order to access this. Your University will also have a range of other support services to help you with the transition.

  • The laundry room - need we say more?

  • If you’re into sports and fitness why not also check out your university’s sporting facilities? York Sport has so much to offer for all of your exercise needs at great value including access to a 120 Station gym, fitness classes, 3G pitches, two swimming pools, a health suite and much more!

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