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Meeting in person - Formal

Formal meeting

A - God dag, Benjamin Vidal (name and surname are used).
Good day. My name is Benjamin Vidal.

B - Cecilie Hansen Vidal. Hyggelig.
Cecilie Hansen Vidal. Nice to meet you.

Meeting in person - Less formal

Less formal meeting

A - God dag, Benjamin.
Good day/Hello, Benjamin.

B - Cecilie. Hyggelig å hilse på deg!
Cecilie. Nice to meet you!

Meeting in person - Informal

Informal meeting

A - Hei, Ben.
Hi, Ben.

B - Cecilie. (Hei.)
(Hello,) Cecilie.

On the phone - Formal

Formal call

God dag. Mitt navn er…
Good day. My name is…

On the phone - Less formal

1 - Hallo, du snakker med Cecilie.
Hello, this is Cecilie speaking (litt: You are talking to Cecilie)

2 - Ja, hallo, det er Benjamin her.
Yes, hello, it’s Benjamin (here).

On the phone - Informal

Informal call

1 - Hallo, Cecilie
Hi, it’s Cecilie

2 - Hallo

3 - Hei Cecilie, det er Ben.
Hi, it’s Ben.

Greeting again someone you have met before, in person or on the phone.

Less formal or Informal situations:

1 - Hallo, og takk for sist!

2 - Hei, takk for sist!
Litt: Hi and thank you for last time
You are actually thanking for the last meeting/conversation you had with that person.

Saying good-bye - Very formal

Formal Goodbye

1 - Takk for møtet, og på gjensyn.
Thank you for the meeting and goodbye.

2 - På gjensyn.
Goodbye (Litt: the next time we are going to see each other again)

Saying good-bye - Less formal

Informal Goodbye

1 - Takk for i dag.
Litt: Thanks for today.

2 - Ha en fin dag videre.
Have a nice day.

3 - Ha en fortsatt fin dag.
Litt: Have still a nice day.

4 - Ha det bra!

Saying good-bye - Informal

1 - Ha det!

2 God middag!
Litt: Have a nice dinner (to your colleagues at the end of your work day)

3 - Vi sees!
See you!

4 - Vi snakkes!
See you! (Litt: talk to you)

5 - Vi tekstes!
Litt: Send you an sms!

Time to say Goodbye

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