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Geirangerfjord - Norway

Why learn Norwegian?

You probably have heard of vikings, fjords and, perhaps, trolls.

Norway is well known for its breathtaking nature, but Norwegians are also famous for their skiers, their salmon, their Nordic welfare model and in modern times for their success in the oil industry.

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We are a small country, with just about 5 million people living here in the land of the Midnight sun and Northern light. Nonetheless, the number of institutions abroad offering courses in Norwegian language, culture and politics have increased for the past ten years.


What do YOU already know about Norway?

What brings YOU to this course?

Maybe you want to move to Norway, or perhaps you are already living here.

Maybe you have to learn a little bit of Norwegian for study or work purposes, or maybe you just want to learn a new exotic language for pleasure.

Whatever your reasons for learning Norwegian, this course will help you to unlock the door to the Norwegian language and culture.

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We will be glad to hear from you!

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Norwegian for Beginners 1

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