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Identifying the network of innovation

Consider an organisation with which you are familiar. This may be one that you have worked for, or one of which the products you admire.

Using some of your own information or maybe research from the internet, map the network within which it belongs and consider how information and ideas flow in the network. Then consider how ideas might be harvested from the external network and how the organisation itself could be managed to ensure it could be in a position to capitalise on these ideas.

You might like to include a visual representation of the network. If you decide to do this, you will need to upload your image to a hosted site and share the link. (See Future Learn’s image sharing tips for more information about this.)

Try not to go beyond 300-500 words with this exercise.

If you would like to ask others for feedback, please post to the discussion. Comment on the networks others may have posted which interest you.

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