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Hopefully you have seen how, at university, revision is a process that begins right at the first point of learning. It is really important to engage with lecture material and begin to ask yourself questions about the subject. Understanding the sort of learner you are will help you develop your own personal material on the subject to help you learn in the most effective way for you.

For university, one of the most important points of revision is thinking about what extra reading or study you might do based on what the information has made you think about. Lectures form the base of the study – they provide the minimum requirement in terms of knowledge and conceptual understanding. It is your job to think about the material, build on it, and develop your own opinions based on what you hear and what you read.

Actively engaging in material is a crucial part of what is referred to as ‘self-directed learning’. You will also be able to make the most of the time you are able to spend reading and be able to manage the large volume of reading you will be expected to engage with.

In reading a lot of material, and using that material in your own writing, you have to be very careful to acknowledge the source of any material you use, and make it very clear when ideas are yours and when they originate from someone else.

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