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Self assessment questionnaire

Here are a series of questions, designed to assess your own ability.

A) To what extent do this lecturer's ideas about reading in context complement what we have been doing in this lesson?

  1. Substantially.
  2. Some of the time.
  3. Not at all.

B) Is the mode of approach that we have adopted in this lesson - placing 'out of context' and 'in context' readings in dialogue with each other - one that you have found helpful?

  1. Very helpful.
  2. Helpful.
  3. Not helpful.

C) Do you think that the textual analysis skills that you have learnt in this lesson will be of help to you?

  1. Yes.
  2. In part.
  3. No.


If you answered all 1s to the questions the lesson has worked well for you and suggests that you are strongly inclined towards an Arts subject.

If you answered mostly 2s perhaps the approach does not quite suit you and you may need to consider a different approach that would suit you more.

If you have answered mostly 3s then perhaps you have discovered that textual analysis is not really your thing. This could, of itself, be very helpful to you as it can be helpful to clarify what it is that you do not want to do, as much as it is to discover what you do want to do.

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