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Self assessment questionnaire

A) How easily did you form an opinion on the question about talent shows?

  1. I find it easy to form opinions on subjects.
  2. I have to really think about both sides of the argument and have to work hard to work out what my own opinion is.
  3. I find it almost impossible to form an opinion on any subject.

B) How do you approach the question of evidence?

  1. I thought about looking in books and on the web and in magazines which write about talent shows.
  2. My main thought was to surf the web.
  3. I really didn’t know what to do or what sort of evidence I should be looking for.

C) How did you cope with the problem of restructuring the paragraph?

  1. I identified a good topic sentence, reordered the information and added connectives.
  2. I saw some of the problems with the paragraph but couldn’t work out how to improve it.
  3. I couldn’t see any problems with the paragraph.

D) How do you deal with being critical about what you are reading?

  1. Question everything I read and want to correct things I feel could be better expressed.
  2. I want to see errors and question things, but I find it hard and don’t know what I’m looking for.
  3. I really don’t question anything and accept what I read as being fine.


If you picked mostly 1s you are clearly in touch with your critical abilities and can work on directing your opinions to form structured, well supported arguments.

If you chose mostly 2s, you are on your way to becoming a critical learner. You need to work on developing opinions and thinking more about sources of information. You need to try and be a bit more critical, not taking things at face value and question more.

If you chose mostly 3s you need to really think about how you will approach higher education. You will only be at the stage now of building up to going on to a college or university so there is time. But you will struggle at university if you don’t take on board the need to become more critical.

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