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Summary and thinking about the lesson next week

This week has all been about the process of asking questions. Asking questions does not come easily to many students, so if you do find it difficult you are certainly not alone. You can practice trying to come up with questions in all sorts of contexts, so that when you arrive at university, you do so with an actively-enquiring mind. This will help you engage with the material and develop your own learning strategy.

This leads into the topic of next week’s lesson: independent study. What you chose to study on your own will develop from questions You can check your progress on the course so far.

You can buy a Certificate of Achievement to prove what you’ve learned on this course. This personalised certificate and transcript details the syllabus and learning outcomes, making it ideal evidence of your you ask. The more questions you have, the more you will want to research topics yourself. You will need to read around subjects and work on developing your own knowledge base to develop an interest in and understanding of this subject. The Certificate comes in both printed and digital formats, so you can easily add it to your portfolio, CV or LinkedIn profile.

Next week you will look at what is meant by independent study and how to be effective in how you read around a subject. Click ‘mark as complete’ and then feel free to look at Week 2 if you would like to get ahead.

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