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Summary and thinking about next week

While some of this is about whether or not you got the data questions right or wrong, it is mostly about whether you enjoyed playing around with numbers and with data, or whether you really didn’t engage with the work.

There were two different sections to this week’s topic. One was the use of data to support an argument and the second was looking at how competent you are at handling numerical problems. There are very few subjects that have nothing to do with data and what is important is a curiosity about data and a desire to have a go. You may find that once data handing has a context which is of particular interest to you, it will have direct relevance and so be more enjoyable to do.

You can check your progress on the course so far.

Next week we are going to be exploring how to get the most out of reading texts. This is far removed from data analysis. By having a go at the following week’s lesson you will find out whether you are more inclined towards an Arts path. It is really important at this stage, to know whether you are leaning more towards a science or an arts path. So whatever subjects you are studying at the moment, it is important to think about where you are going with them.

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