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Developing an academic or professional style of writing

Let’s see if you can match some informal examples from the report (1-8) with a more formal equivalent (A-G).

1. In this report, I’m going to look at this company called XY Couriers A. A survey of our main customers was conducted.
2. I talked to some of our biggest customers B. We should investigate alternative service providers
3. Quite a few customers have complained about orders C. This report reviews the performance of XY Couriers
4. They’d like to get their deliveries really early in the morning D. The performance of XY Couriers is largely successful, but improvements could certainly be made.
5. Overall I think that XY Couriers are doing quite a good job E. I, therefore, make the following recommendations
6. I think we should look around at some different companies F. A number of customers have been dissatisfied with
7. Here’s what I think we should do now: G. Negotiate with XY Couriers in order to achieve the following:
8. Try to get a few more things out of XY H. There is a clear demand for early deliveries.

Your task

Match the informal answers with their more formal equivalent – for example, ‘5 and G’ – and compare your ideas with your fellow learners in the comments area.

We’ll share the correct answers in the next step.

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