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Setting the scene for a formative report

In this step, you will practise writing a short report based on a business scenario.

This is a chance for you to practise your report writing skills using everything that you have learned in this first short course.

Read this imaginary business scenario based on a restaurant called Alympos run by an English couple on a Greek island. As you read, make notes on some of the main problems facing the restaurant and think about how you could organise your ideas into a business report.

Case study


Dennis Jones, a 54-year-old Englishman, and his Greek wife Maria have owned a restaurant called Alympos, located on the Greek island of Corfu, for 25 years. The restaurant mainly serves British dishes, such as fish and chips and English breakfasts.

The restaurant was popular with tourists and locals in the past but has now fallen on hard times. The business is making a loss and if the situation does not improve, they may have to close and move back to the UK. They approach your consultancy company to get advice on how to improve the struggling business.

Atmosphere and menu

Dennis has always been keen to promote a party atmosphere in the restaurant and often has bands playing at the weekend, along with traditional Greek shows and dancing. There are also nights when all the plates are smashed at the end of the meal in the traditional Greek style. These evenings used to be very popular with the tourists and the local population, but numbers have recently declined.

The restaurant’s menu is also dominated by traditional English food, such as fish and chips and English breakfasts. In the past, this was always popular, especially with British tourists on the island. However, in recent years, there have been some complaints about the food available, with many younger tourists looking to eat traditional Greek and international cuisine.

Feedback from customer and staff surveys:

Alympos has recently completed a survey of customers and staff; some of the extracts are included below:

Local customers

‘The menu is so boring! They never change it so we prefer to go somewhere with a larger choice’ Kristos, 48.

‘The plate-smashing and the dancing is so loud! We went for a quiet meal but there was so much noise!’ Dimitri, 52 and Sophia, 49.

Tourist customers

‘To be honest, if I wanted to eat English food I could stay in England! When I’m in Greece I want to try the local dishes’ Carla, 24.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I heard the manageress shouting at the poor bar staff! We walked out as we are here to relax not listen to arguments!’ Darren, 28 and Tracy, 26.

‘I tried to explain that I was a vegetarian, but the waiter can’t have understood as he brought me bacon in my breakfast!’ Jack, 30.

‘We took the kids there on a Saturday night but the owner seemed more interested in hanging out with his friends! In the end, we went to the Italian across the street’ Dave, 48, and family.

Quotes from the staff survey

‘The party evenings are a bit naff and old-fashioned. Do people really still go to these things?’ Alexander, 22 (waiter).

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