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It’s now time to reflect on what you have learnt in the two weeks of this course and to think about your next step into care.

It will be helpful to carry out a ‘skill scan’ to see what you already know, and what qualities you already possess that will potentially make you a great social care worker.

Try the following:

Task 1

Make a list of the skills, knowledge and attitudes that might make you a great care worker. Try to also give examples that illustrate all the points you are making.

Task 2

Next, write an action plan – there’s an example below – that can help you to achieve the job of your choice. Think about:

  • What work do you want to do?
  • Where could you find adverts for such a job?
  • Who could help you to find a job?
  • What actions must you take before you are interviewed for a job?

An example of an action plan, comprising a table with four columns, titled: 1. What jobs am I interested in? 2. Where can I look? 3. Who might help? 4. What actions do I need to take?

You can either share some points from your action plan with others in the Comments, or keep it to help you keep track of your progress in finding a career in social care.

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