Stereocard depicting Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy, joining two buildings with a canal and canal boats below.
Stereocard depicting Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy, by an unknown photographer, 1860s - 1870s IL.2003.44.6.1450 Image

Welcome: Introductions

Welcome to Stereoscopy: An Introduction to Victorian Stereo Photography.

Many of you have already introduced yourself on the course Welcome page, but please feel free to introduce yourself in Comments in this section. Tell us who you are, where you are and why you are interested in stereo photography.

Our course has been designed by an academic team from National Museums Scotland that includes Dr Alison Morrison-Low, Research Associate, Department of Science & Technology and photo historian, Sheila Masson.

The course is led by Christine McLean, Community Engagement Manager who will also be your point of contact each week.

Let’s meet the team.

Course team

Dr Alison Morrison-Low:
Research Associate
Science and Technology - National Museums Scotland

Dr Alison Morrison-Low: now Research Associate, Department of Science and Technology – National Museums Scotland, has been a curator at National Museums Scotland with responsibility for historic scientific instruments and photography since 1980. She was awarded the Saltire Society Research Book Prize in 2005 for editing Weights and Measures in Scotland: A European Perspective, and the Hans R. Jenemann Foundation’s Paul Bunge Prize in 2008 for her book, Making Scientific Instruments in the Industrial Revolution. She sits on the Royal Photographic Society’s panel for Research, Education and Applications of Photography which awards distinctions for written work about aspects of photography. She was the lead curator for the 2015 exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland, ‘Photography: A Victorian Sensation’, and co-author with Dr Sara Stevenson of Scottish Photography: The First Thirty Years.

Christine McLean:
Community Engagement Manager,
National Museums Scotland

Christine McLean is Community Engagement Manager at National Museums Scotland and was a member of the team responsible for the exhibition ‘Photography: A Victorian Sensation’ at the National Museum of Scotland. She has worked on text, film and audio content for the exhibition, co-created a five-week online course based on the exhibition and this online course. Christine has a good understanding of the course subject – Stereoscopy - and will help to guide discussions. Christine manages a team that delivers museum outreach and learning to diverse audiences across Scotland at National Museums Scotland

Ms Sheila Masson:
Photo Historian

Sheila Masson is a freelance photo historian, curator, photographer and picture editor, and she worked as a volunteer photo historian on the exhibition ‘Photography: A Victorian Sensation’ at the National Museum of Scotland. She is currently writing a book on the history of the British tintype.

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