Cohort challenge: #HowThingsGet2U

How many different supply chains can you build?

By now, I hope that you recognise that supply chains are all around you. The challenge to you as a cohort of learners who are completing this course, is to pictorially build the supply chain for one or all (you decide) of the following products:

  • Mobile telephone
  • Car
  • Coffee

What we would like you to do is to try to find images that map the end to end supply chain for the product(s). From the materials being extracted from the ground, or seeds being produced to the different ways that the products are re-used or recycled at the end of life.

We would like you to do this using Instagram and Twitter. Please post the picture using the course hashtag #HowThingsGet2U and give a short indication of the stage in the supply chain.

We want to collate the pictures and review them at the end of the course so you may want to think about how you create the link between the different images if you try to build more than one supply chain.

Happy building!

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