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The following assignment focuses on your passions. Use some separate sticky-notes to write each passion, driver and skill on.

  1. Start thinking of at least four things you are really passionate about. Nothing is wrong. Do you have sports you want to do every day? Or a hobby you wanted to do forever but never started? Or are you passionate about helping your grandmother with groceries?
  2. Next up, explain why you are passionate about these things. What is the underlying motive? Can you find a recurring theme or aspect within different passions? Try to really dig deep about what it is that you love about your passion so much.
  3. Write down at least four skills or strengths that you have. This can both be hard-sided and soft-sided skills. Hard-sided skills are things you can learn and master and which you can employ, like building prototypes or photoshopping. Soft-sided skills are harder to learn and are characteristics with which you are born, like being emphatic or a leader.
  4. Take the sticky-notes, put the them face-down on your desk and hustle them. Each time pick two or three notes. Make a combination between the two and translate this combination into a business idea.
    Which business would combine these two or three notes?
  5. Play around with some combinations. Share your best ideas in the comments. Also, please comment on each other. Did you find an idea of somebody else that you really liked to do yourself?

To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to show intensively high commitment to your venture. With this assignment, we hope that you reflected upon your own drivers and passions in (entrepreneurial) life.

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