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Step 1: What is your network picture?

In the previous step, you learned what network pictures are and why they are important. Now it is time to draw a network picture for your own start-up:

  1. List all the people, businesses and organizations involved in your startup
  2. Write each of them down on a Post-it (or something alike)
  3. Create a Post-it that represents your own start-up
  4. Arrange the Post-its on a sheet of paper as to represent your network
  5. Make a photograph of the network picture you created
  6. Upload the photograph of your network picture: www.padlet.com. (Please be aware not to add any personally identifiable information about your networks here.)

Note: Reflect on your own network and how it relates to a new venture that you may want to start. If you do not have a start-up, you:

  • can use one of the examples from the UTwente entrepreneurs, or
  • get inspired by one of the many startup stories on the web.

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