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Review of the week

You’ve now reached the end of Week 3, and the end of the course. In this video Neil talks about some of the key points to remember and suggest some next steps.

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To start with, Neil talked about this week’s Facebook Live, where he and Neeraj answered lots of your questions about IELTS Writing and shared useful resources. If you haven’t watch it yet, you can find it here, or watch on our Facebook page, together with all the questions, comments and answers. Neil also mentioned the different tenses he used in his introduction. Did you recognise them all and understand why he used those particular ones? You can revise tenses and more here on our our website.

You can find Ayoub Benaissa’s suggestion about changing the language of your devices here, and read Vera Golovanova’s discussion here about how much new vocabulary we have learned very quickly to talk about Covid-19. Click here to read Khin Myint Myat Win’s discussion of the differences between formal and less formal writing, and here for Ashok J’s bumpy road/freeway comparison. Finally, Medo Eltaweel’s point about how good planning can help in writing a good conclusion and Alessandro Galeota’s concluding paragraph are both worth checking out.

For more advice on writing a good introduction try this excellent resource from BBC Bitesize.

Neil finished up by speaking about next steps. You can find information on the free IELTS webinars on our TakeIELTS page, the Facebook group for teachers here, and our next free courses for Speaking and Reading starting on 1 June.

Information on the free computer-based familiarisation test is here and information on the new IELTS Indicator online test is here.

Click here to find out about all four of our IELTS courses and to join Neil and the educators again on your IELTS journey.

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