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Video Q&A

Leave your questions for us.

This week the educators recorded a video Q&A session to answer lots of the questions you’ve asked about IELTS and learning English.

During the discussion Alister, Freddie, Karen and Neil mentioned some links to help you with speaking and pronunciation, and here they are:

For help with pronunciation, check out these activities from our ESOL Nexus website, and these useful videos and practice exercises from BBC.

As well as the sounds of English, stress and intonation are also very important. This blog on ‘How English learners can improve intonation’ and these exercises on word stress and sentence stress are very useful.

Freddie mentioned a discussion he’s been having this week about self-correction and you can join it here.

Finally, here is the article on interlanguage in answer to Monica Trapletti’s question.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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