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Mark answers - Week 4

Ask Mark responses

I have recorded responses to some of the many interesting questions arising from this course.

As with previous weeks, I wanted to link you to videos where I’ve responded to the more frequent and very interesting questions I am asked in relation to my views on intentionality.

A) I’m interested that Mark Solms says a number of times that intentionality is towards something in the outside world. That the outside world is where needs can be met. But might we not also have an intention to modify our own actions or our own thoughts if we feel that they’re causing us pain? i.e. can our intentionality sometimes be towards our own and perhaps inner world?

Response to question A - length 07:34

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.


B) In philosophy ‘intentionality’ means the ‘about-ness’ or directed-ness of consciousness. Thus a belief is intentional, as is a perception or a memory. But you move quickly from this core meaning to talking of intentionality as ‘motivated seeking’. Could you please clarify why you are linking intentionality to motivation and seeking?

Response to question B - length 05:43

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.


C) Could you please explain unconscious intentionality? I am having difficulty understanding how intention can be unconscious, when I think of being intentional or doing things with intention, I am conscious of it.

Response to question C - length 05:49

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.


Feel free to add comments in the discussions or ask more questions. Please note I will unfortunately not be recording new responses during this present course run. We will share further answers to past questions during the week.

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