Cube Installation by Pippa Skotnes
Cube Installation by Pippa Skotnes

Ask Mark - Week 6

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Thank you to everyone who posted questions last week. I have recorded a response to four of the many interesting questions you posed in response to the topics covered in Week 6. My video responses are on YouTube with links below. ***

Question 1: I would like to know what Dr Solms would say about resilience. I worked with families for many years and often one or two family members would be resilient to mental instability in highly dysfunctional households whilst most other family members would not. Position in the family or having power did not seem to be a factor, so what does he think resilience stems from?

Response to question 1 - length: 4:51

Question 2: I’d like to know more about the link between depression and anxiety, especially the generalised, global kind of anxiety with no real identifiable cause. Why do some people cope with anxiety or don’t even feel any, when others are riddled with it?

Response to question 2 - length: 9:01

Question 3: Further to your talk about the patient with the damaged frontal lobe: would it actually be possible in your sessions following the operation to bring him back to a less damaged state by the psychoanalysis approach? Was he able to work through his confabulations to recover more of the reality he had before the operation? How treatable is the loss due to the physical damage?

Response to question 3 - length: 8:08

Question 4: You mention that “neuroscience offers us an opportunity to test and develop some of [psychoanalytic] ideas scientifically” and that the neuropsychoanalytic “approach holds great scope for understanding and treating mental disorders”. What do you think are the most important discoveries or implications that have - or might in the future - challenge psychoanalytic theories and ways of treating patients?

Response to question 4 - length: 11:57

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