Your questions for the educators

Earlier this week, the team of educators recorded a video chat where they answered some of your questions posted in the comments below. We couldn’t answer every question but we did our best to find themes and offer advice that we thought everyone would find useful.

During the video, the educations mentioned a number of resources, and you can find links to them here:

First of all we talked about being nervous before an interview. Watch these videos for some good advice on what to do about nerves, how to use body language well and more. Next we looked at how to introduce yourself. Check out this article on talking about your achievements.

We spoke about how important it is to practise, but even if you don’t have anyone to practise with, you can try this virtual job interview. It asks you ten common interview questions, lets you choose the best answer, then gives you advice on what you should say. For more practice, try the Top 10 questions asked at interviews or, if that’s not enough, you can even try 150 common questions asked at interviews. Each one gives you advice on how to give the best answer.

We also talked about how to handle personal or inappropriate questions. Read this article and this article for some excellent advice. And you can find advice on answering questions about your greatest weakness here and here.

Finally we talked about what questions you should never ask in an interview, and you can find the Top 10 here

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