MBA (for the Healthcare sector)

Explore the unique global challenges faced by leaders and managers within health and social care organisations and gain the skills and knowledge required to deliver quality health services and respond to future demands.

Become an innovative leader in the modern world of health and social care.

Leadership and management of health and social care services in hospitals and related facilities is changing rapidly with governments, funding bodies and insurance companies demanding greater accountability and efficiency. The complex patient journey creates unique challenges for managers of health and social care services.

This degree aims to address those challenges and prepare the next generation of healthcare leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to think creatively in delivering health and social care services and responding to future demands.


Have the opportunity to explore the unique global challenges faced by leaders and managers within health and social care organisations and gain the skills and knowledge required to deliver quality health services and respond to future demands.
2-5 years
£15,900 GBP (total tuition fee)
£1,325 GBP (price per program)
11 programs
Start dates
16 Sep 2019 (apply by 16 Sep 2019)

What do I need to apply?

• Applicants should normally be an Honours graduate in a relevant academic discipline with a 2.2 degree or above.

• Applicants should have a minimum 2 years post-degree full-time work experience in a management/administrative/professional health or social care capacity.

• Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in the English language equivalent to IELTS 6.5.

• Applicants who do not meet the above requirements but have relevant experience will also be considered on an individual basis.

• Applicants without an Honours degree should have substantial work experience of at least 10 years since leaving secondary school.

How much will it cost?

September 2019 start: £16,700
January 2020 start: £16,700
May 2020 start: £16,700

What are the learning outcomes?

A student who successfully completes the degree will have achieved the following learning outcomes.

  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the social, political, economic and environmental impact of an enterprise and the need to develop ethical and responsible management practices.

  • Act in a culturally sensitive manner towards all of an enterprise’s stakeholders through having an understanding of the interconnected global nature of business.

  • Demonstrate reflective practice for the development, and achievement, of personal career goals.

  • Critically assess the basis of an enterprise’s value creating activities and the impact of the external environment on value creation.

  • Critically assess the manager’s role in ensuring that an enterprise creates sustainable value in the context of dynamic internal and external environments.

  • Demonstrate the ability to think strategically and explore potential solutions to complex and ambiguous problems.

  • Explore, critically evaluate and apply a range of sector/role specific models and concepts within a practice setting.

  • Formulate potential solutions to complex and ambiguous problems whilst acknowledging the risks and evaluating potential outcomes.

  • Initiate and lead a sector/role specific change management project.

Programs on this degree

Financial Analysis Available now
Leadership and Change ManagementAvailable now
Organisational Behaviour and Learning Available now
Strategy and Decision-Making Available now
Business Models and Processes
Geopolitical, Economic and Legal Environments
Global Marketing
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Leading in Complex Health Systems
Policy, Politics and Transforming Practice
Transforming Healthcare Business Proposal

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