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Organisational Behaviour and Learning

Explore how the management of people’s behaviour can impact on their effectiveness from individual and management perspectives.

Examine how the behaviour of people can impact an organisation’s effectiveness

In this program you will have the opportunity to develop an awareness of the critical role the management of people’s behaviour has on organisational performance.

We will examine a variety of topics, including organisational misbehaviour, employee resourcing, diversity within organisations, reward and performance management and the future of HRD.

By exploring these topics, you should be able to recognise and appreciate how people’s behaviour can contribute to organisational success.


5 courses

Delivered by expert academics

Coventry secured 5 QS Stars for Teaching and Online Learning in the QS World University Ranking 2020 and has received No. 1 in the world for Massive Open Online Courses in MoocLab’s World University Ranking 2021.

Please note that the staff described in the 'Who will you learn with?' section below may be subject to change.

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Who will you learn with?

Learning outcomes

On completion of this program, you should be able to:

  • Critically analyse and gain an understanding of the importance of how people's behaviour contributes to success within the organisation;

  • Critically evaluate the theoretical understandings of the concepts of organisational behaviour, theories of motivation and their application in the current business environment;

  • Critically examine issues such as employees' motivation, performance, rewards, team building, resourcing, learning and development;

  • Identify how we can best manage the people dynamics of organisational behaviour, from both the individual and management perspective in the context of varying organisational needs and enhance organisational effectiveness through learning with the goal of becoming a learning organisation;

  • Analyse approaches to corporate social responsibilities, diversity and ethics within a business environment; and

  • Identify, synthesise and present a critical evaluation of complex ideas and arguments.

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