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Fostering collaboration in healthcare

Explore the power of collaboration for healthcare and join FutureLearn's healthcare network to shape the global health learning agenda.

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Collaborative working has become essential in today’s world and a collaborative approach can bring exceptional healthcare to life. 

Collaboration gives organisations an opportunity to meet global healthcare needs faster, while creating a platform to improve the health and wellbeing of people worldwide.

Develop your network and expand the reach of your organisation

By fostering collaborative relationships, professionals can work with experts and reach new markets across the healthcare industry, from NHS organisations and universities to charities.

Cross-sector collaboration within healthcare is key to addressing wider issues facing the sector and finding opportunities to develop sustainable solutions for complex challenges. 

Share best practice and work with other organisations 

With new advances in technology, changes in healthcare services are substantial. By combining knowledge, resources, skills, and perspectives, organisations are able to solve problems more effectively and use the connection to communicate, share and discuss work.

Developing a deeper understanding of the healthcare landscape by working together is key to creating promising innovations in health.

Make a greater impact

True collaborative partnerships are a great platform to establish a global footprint.

Although it can be challenging, providing a space for organisations to distill what they’re great at and leveraging the combined strengths of multiple organisations can be far more impactful than if explored independently.

At FutureLearn, we’ve seen academia, business and governments collaborate to incredible success.

When universities and companies across the world share their expertise and resources, they can create new medicines, build state of the art medical devices, and find diagnoses and treatments for patients worldwide at a faster rate. 

The FutureLearn healthcare network

We’ve partnered with leading medical schools, universities and organisations around the world to develop and share a portfolio of healthcare courses that reach millions of learners globally, including both health and social care professionals and patients.

Working together with renowned universities like the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, private-research focus institutions like the Pasteur Institut, and government bodies including the NHS and Public Health England, we help organisations expand their network. We’ll help build suitable collaborations to widen their reach and share best practices and knowledge to build a brighter future for the healthcare sector.

Become part of our network to unlock the power of collaborative partnerships, be part of a wider healthcare conversation and shape the learning agenda on healthcare.

Email us at to start the conversation today.


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