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How do Italians drink espresso?

Ahead of the Unistrasi course ‘Introduction to Italian', the educators tell us all about one very important aspect of Italian culture: espresso.

As the Unistrasi course Introduction to Italian gets started, the educators tell us all about one very important aspect of Italian culture: espresso.

Introduction to Italian, espresso.
An example of un caffè al vetro

Who has never tasted an espresso? This Italian drink has become more and more popular over the years. Today, you can find a place to enjoy an espresso almost anywhere in the world. But despite ordering an espresso being a common experience for many people, very few of them know how to order it or to drink it when they visit Italy.

Italian people are very enthusiastic and demanding about this drink – which is a big part of their lifestyle. They might have an espresso several times during the day and enjoy it in many different ways. You wouldn’t believe it but there are over 20 ways to enjoy an authentic Italian espresso and, of course, to order it: un caffé, un caffè macchiato, un caffè ristretto, un caffè lungo, un caffè al vetro…this is just the beginning of a very long list.

Italians will also have espresso at home, preparing it with a traditional coffee maker or a modern electric machine, or more often at a bar. Yet although having an espresso is a one of Italian moments of daily pleasure, it never lasts long. Once you are in Italy, you would be very surprised to find out how seldom people sit at a table to drink a coffee. It is not a convivial drink but a drink for intense short individual enjoyment, often repeated during the day. It should be drunk  at the bar, maybe chitchatting with the barman.

Want to know more about Italy and Italian culture? Join the free online course Introduction to Italian. A quick espresso before you get started is optional.

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