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Current Issues

Microlearning: What are microcredentials and why do they matter?

Watch to find out more about taking an accredited online microcredential on FutureLearn.

What connects deforestation and COVID-19?

Explore the link between the destruction of forests and natural ecosystems and the emergence of new diseases in humans.

How to stay healthy during lockdown

Our guide on how to stay healthy during lockdown looks at some ways to keep on top of your mental and physical wellbeing.

What to learn during lockdown

If you want to expand your knowledge during lockdown but aren’t sure what to learn, our list of 35 learning ideas and courses is the perfect source of education inspiration.

How to find a new hobby in lockdown

Looking to add a new pastime to your repertoire? We’ve got 40 top ideas to give you some inspiration when trying to find a new hobby in lockdown.

Category: Current Issues

Why we get bored and what to do about it

Bored of being bored? Find out what boredom actually is, why it happens, and what you can do to channel it into new projects.

How to be productive when home working

With so many of us working from home, explore some of our favourite techniques to help you concentrate, give you a routine, and stay productive.

Category: Current Issues

The complete guide to digital skills

Learn how upskilling yourself in key in-demand digital skills can level-up your CV, and reboot your prospects in a competitive jobs market.

Can we model the coronavirus pandemic?

Explore what mathematical modelling can – and can’t – tell us about how the COVID-19 pandemic will develop.