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Why we get bored and what to do about it

Bored of being bored? Find out what boredom actually is, why it happens, and what you can do to channel it into new projects.

The complete guide to digital skills

Learn how upskilling yourself in key in-demand digital skills can level-up your CV, and reboot your prospects in a competitive jobs market.

Can we model the coronavirus pandemic?

Explore what mathematical modelling can – and can’t – tell us about how the COVID-19 pandemic will develop.

Top 10 courses for new managers

Recently been made a manager? Check out our list of top ten courses for building the management skills you need to support successful, happy teams.

How to make money during the coronavirus lockdown

Explore handy ways you can keep earning from home, even if your income has been affected by lockdown.

Coronavirus courses for keyworkers

Browse our full list of courses specifically created for healthcare professionals and keyworkers responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Top 10 courses to help you find a job

Browse our ultimate list of free online courses that will help you find, apply, interview, and succeed in finding a new job you love.

What to do if you’ve been made unemployed due to coronavirus

Explore the ways you can support yourself – both financially and mentally – if you’ve recently lost your job.

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Top 10 courses for tech beginners

Level-up your CV with these top courses designed to teach you in-demand tech and IT skills.