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Browser support

FutureLearn is optimised for modern browsers and while you’ll get the best experience using one of these we want to make sure that everyone, anywhere can access our content. There are a vast array of browsers and devices out there, and we want to build the site so that the core content is available no matter how you access it.

We have two graded browser support levels. Browsers in all groups can access the site’s core content, but there may be visual and functional differences.

Enhanced Experience

All content is accessible, and the site is visually and functionally complete. We aim to use modern technology that even the most up to date version of a browser might not have implemented, but the content and experience will be optimal for your device and browser. Examples of browsers include:

  • Latest version of Chrome
  • Latest version of Firefox
  • Windows 10 with latest version of Microsoft Edge
  • macOS High Sierra with Safari 12
  • iOS 11 with Safari or Chrome
  • Android 6.0+ with latest version of Chrome

Baseline Experience

All content is accessible, and all functionality is present. There may be changes in how you interact with the site and differences in layout, but we aim for you to access the site with as few issues as possible. This level uses established, more basic features that we expect to be available in browsers that have been in use for a long time. Examples of browsers include:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari 9
  • iOS 9
  • Android 4-5 with built-in browser or latest version of Chrome

Unsupported browsers

Any browsers or devices not on the following test device list are not explicitly tested or actively supported. We aim to make our content available to all browsers and devices, but we can’t always guarantee that everything will be completely accessible.

Test devices

We actively test on a range of resolutions from small mobile to tablet to larger screens, including:

  • Latest version of Mac OS with Safari, Chrome and Firefox
  • Windows 10 with Edge
  • Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 11
  • iPhone and iPad with the latest version of Safari or Chrome
  • Android phone and tablet with the latest version of Chrome

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