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Driselase Rice Bran Fraction – Tryptophan

So again, we found one of the functional ingredients from the Driselase fraction. And fraction 22 is actually adenosine. But we still have some functional activities in other fraction. So next, we further identified the 24 and 25 fractions. And finally we identified
this fraction containing amino acid: Tryptophan as an active component of this fraction. And tryptophan is also a common or essential amino acid and not only presents in rice bran, maybe organism has tryptophan. So when we identified tryptophan in this fraction we’re all disappointed again. This is not an unique ingredient in the rice bran. But we decided to continue this study. In the chronic administration of tryptophan. Tryptophan supplementation, 200 mg or 1000 mg / kg diet. This treatment can significantly reduce blood pressure. You can see here. And blood glucose and insulin levels were also decreased by tryptophan supplementation. So we considered how tryptophan treatment reduced the blood pressure and also improved the glucose metabolism.
One of the key component, key molecule we considered, maybe tryptophan treatment maybe enhanced serotonin production. Serotonin is synthesized from tryptophan. This kind of the two steps in animal cells. Tryptophan supplementation increased plasma level of serotonin here. Maybe this enhances serotonin and maybe reduces blood pressure and also improved the glucose metabolism. Serotonin is known to have blood pressure lowering effect. Here, you can see the effect of intravenous serotonin administration on blood pressure After injection, acute hypotensive effect and temporal blood pressure elevation are observed first. but after that, continuous blood pressure lowering is observed. So maybe tryptophan supplementation enhances serotonin level in blood, and this elevated serotonin maybe contributes to blood pressure lowering activity.
Summary of this study, tryptophan was one of the active components of Driselase fractions of rice bran. Tryptophan ameliorated blood pressure elevation in SHRSP. Enhanced plasma serotonin maybe contributed to reduce blood pressure. Tryptophan improved glucose metabolism in SHRSP lowering of blood glucose, insulin levels. And I didn’t explain, but HOMA-IR also lowering.

The research team found another functional ingredient of Driselase fraction of rice bran called tryptophan.

Tryptophan is the substrate for the synthesis of serotonin which is known to have blood pressure-lowering effect. This video summarized that the Driselase fraction of rice bran contains tryptophan which also ameliorates blood pressure elevation and improves glucose metabolism in SHRSP.

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