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Mental modelling: Part 2

Here we set out some simple exercises relating to our three individuals.
An unsolved Rubik's  cube
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Class exercise

Now we are going to get you to work on the information that you have stored in memory about our three individuals.

It is critical therefore to answer the following questions without checking back on the actual picture. We are getting you to consult your mental representation of the picture not the picture itself!

Question 1. From your perspective who is to the right of the scientist?

Question 2. From her perspective who is to the right of the scientist?

Question 3. Switch the positions of the scientist and the student, and now switch the positions of the farmer and the student. From your perspective who is furthermost to the right?

Question 4. The scientist wants someone to hold her clipboard who should she hand her clipboard to and why?


Please do not post about your answers – just note them down.

© The University of York
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Introduction to Cognitive Psychology: An Experimental Science

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