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Earthquake! Demo simulation with Rover

Watch how the Rover robot performs in a simulated earthquake. Dr Richard Mitchell explains how the robot can gather data.
One of the tasks we ask the students to do is to take their rover to the site of an earthquake, and to measure the force of that quake. So the rover comes along here, and gets to the particular site. We simulate the earthquake using a loudspeaker, and we can just about see the earthquake starting to happen.
Getting quite a severe one, as we turn up the volume.
The rover itself uses its accelerometers to log what’s going on.
It then gets that data, and then sends it back to the base station. Having measured the earthquake, the robot goes back home.
OK, another task for the rover is to drive up to a rotating platform, and then detect when it has rotated a certain number of times. And this tests its magnetometers, which you can use to work out where it is, in terms of the magnetic field. So the rover is now got to where it should be, and let’s make it rotate.
Here it goes.
Good rover.

Watch Rover in action, gathering data during a simulated earthquake using x, y and z sensors, as well as measuring spin.

Gathering data in a simulated earthquake is just one of the tasks students have to carry out in the University of Reading’s Cyber Challenge. This is an annual event, where robotic students program a robot to carry out a series of missions. Other tasks include travelling through a tunnel, measuring the height of a ramp and placing a flag in a small sandbox.

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